By: 143388 users

View the local weather on your page. All by simply editing the setting...

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Google Links

By: iGTab 137422 users

You will find all google links in one app for you, gmail, calendar, youtube, play, blogger etc..

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By: iGoogle Portal 134618 users

Put your notes on your portal, selectable font size, text color and background color.

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Inspirational Quotes and Pictures

By: Anthony Fernando 121514 users

Displays beautiful pictures and inspirational quotes from the most inspiring people of all time

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By: iGoogle Portal 110479 users

With this online calendar, its easy to keep track of lifes important events all in one place.

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By: Google 107062 users

A Wikipedia Search and Go widget.

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Address Book

By: iGoogle Portal 106913 users

Put your contacts on portal, Easily store and organize contact details. This app lets you add individual contacts with tags.

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By: iGoogle Portal 99926 users

Put your bookmarks on portal, Easily store and organize bookmarks for your favorite sites. This app lets you add individual bookmarks with tags.

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To Do list

By: iGoogle Portal 99216 users

Put your To-Do list on portal, Easily manage and track everything you need To-Do. The gadget lets you create multiple To-Do lists, each with a unique purpose. Use To-Do List to create a list of your daily tasks.

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By: LOGIKA Corporation 83799 users

Fully functional, fully customizeable, AJAX-based twitter client designed to fit within the confines of your iGoogle homepage. Despite its compact design, TwitterGaget is able to pack in a list of feature unmatched, even by installed application standards, including: Auto Refresh, URL Shortening...

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By: Farlex 41584 users

Hangman - word game provided by

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