By: Kommersant 3 users

Live breaking news feeds from Kommersant. Features the latest national, business, sport, entertainment, travel, lifestyle, finance and technology news. Edit the gadget settings to view between 3 to 9 Headlines in each Category. Choose Refresh timing also can change the Feed URL and Tab Name...

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|| Bhagavad Gita ||

By: Lord Bharath Bhushan Lohray 3 users

A module to display verses from the Bhagvad Gita chapter wise, cycling through chapters or any user choosen chapters.

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By: 8fish 3 users

Gadżet wyświetla horoskop dla wybranego znaku zodiaku. Gadżet stworzył Piotr Picheta i Grzegorz Pawiński.

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Navidad y Año Nuevo Citas

By: Cryistyian GP 3 users

Citas fecha máximas proverbios palabra famosas frases célebres refranes dichos consejos inteligentes humor pensamientos aforismos learn study language spanish words grammar lernen langue espagnole. Una colección hermosa e inspiradora de frases célebres sobre la Navidad y Fin de Año...

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Arxiv RSS Search

By: Jack Sankey 2 users

This is a simple script/hackjob that searches through the titles of any RSS feed you supply for a specified string, and then displays a list of those items containing said string. Of course you can use it to filter any RSS feed, but it was intended and tested for the arxiv, and that's the target audience...

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Booking.com hotel search

By: Booking.com Labs 2 users

Search for hotels all over the world from your home page!

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Daily Cover

By: Philipp Lenssen 2 users

Display a random daily cover from Cover Browser.com -- this can be a comic book, a book, magazine, or any cover really.

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Kurzy.cz - Kurzy měn ČNB

By: Kurzy.cz 2 users

Kurzy.cz - kurzy měn ČNB, možnost přidat další měny. Finanční server Kurzy.cz tento gadget nadále vyvíjí, pokud máte nějaké návrhy nebo připomínky, napište je prosím do komentáře.

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nzherald.co.nz - Latest News

By: Shama Sukul 2 users

Top Stories from the New Zealand Herald, NZ's leading news website. Fully customisable gadget where you can choose your feeds and number of stories displayed, etc.

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Svátky dle českého kalendáře

By: RaJu72PV 2 users

Svátek dnes a zítra, státní svátky a významné dny podle českého kalendáře

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Cyrillic Transliterator

By: Alexei Masterov 2 users

Cyrillic Transliterator Gadget

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