Gadgets Program Policy

This program policy applies to gadgets. To help you create the highest-quality gadgets possible while ensuring a positive experience for our users, we’ve created this guidelines for gadgets creation. Your gadgets must adhere to these Do’s and Don’ts before they can appear on portaltab. We reserve the right to disapprove any gadget for any reason.


What types of content are you accepting?

  • Illegal content
  • Invasions of personal privacy
  • Pornography or obscenity
  • Content that interferes with the functioning of the homepage
  • Promotions of hate or incitement of violence
  • Violations of copyright
  • Violations of trademark
  • Impersonations of third parties
  • Advertising that doesn't meet the advertising guidelines

What personal information can I collect through a gadget?

You may not store any personal information in the gadget. If your gadget enables you (or anyone else) to collect information about users, including but not limited to personally identifying information, you must make publicly available on your website, and abide by, a legally adequate privacy policy.

You may not collect sensitive personal information such as credit card numbers and social security numbers through a gadget.

Where can advertising be displayed?

Advertising (ads, cross-promotion, and sponsorships) is allowed in the canvas view in areas that you control. All advertising must be clearly labeled as an ad or sponsored link.

Advertising is not allowed in any other gadget view (home, default, and any unnamed views). Exceptions include:

  • Simple text sponsorships.
    • Example: a golf score tracking gadget with the following text - "brought to you by Nike"
  • Ads displayed following valid user-initiated actions. Valid user actions provide users with additional content or functionality.
    • Examples: 1) a user clicks to play an audio or video file and gets an in-stream linear video or audio ad before the file plays, 2) a user reads the full-text of an RSS article via clicking on the "+" zippie control and an ad is displayed below the content, or 3) a user scrolls down in the TVGuide gadget to see more tv listings and sees an ad placed in the grid.
    • Note: Auto-play of audio or video content or associated in-stream advertising is not allowed.
  • Branded gadgets or content items as long as the user specifically selects the branded items or gadget.
    • Examples: a user chooses to add a Starbucks "finder" maps gadget or a movie gadget with an Indiana Jones background.

What types of advertising are allowed?

  • Ads must not mimic system functionality or warnings.
  • Ads must only include FamilySafe content suitable for all audiences.
  • Ads must not promote copyrighted content without permission.
  • Ads must not expand beyond the Ad rectangle or pop-up or pop-under a new window.
  • Flash ads must be smaller than 50K.
  • Animation is restricted to a maximum of 15 seconds, after which they must remain static.
  • Strobing, flashing backgrounds or other distractions on ads are not allowed.

Additionally, Ads must never show text or other content intended to mislead the user such as "click here to message your friends" that links to a product or anything other than the indicated content. Cross-promotion of other gadgets is not allowed in the home or other views but is allowed in the canvas view as long as installing the gadget is not tied to unlocking any other functionality in the gadget.

You are free to use any Ad network or place ads by direct arrangement. Developers do not need to share revenue with portaltab.

We will randomly survey users to determine how ads impact user satisfaction. Poor user feedback may impact a gadget's ranking and directory placement.

Violations of the Program Policies

Violations of our Program Policies can result in the disabling of your gadget, removal of your gadget, being blacklisted from uploading future gadgets and themes, termination of your portaltab accounts and/or deletion of all your gadgets and themes.

These policies may be revised from time to time without notice.